Safe-Guard Equi-Bits Fenbendazole Pellets Equine Dewormer 1.25 Lbs

Safe-Guard Equi-Bits

Product Description

Fenbendazole Pellets:
Palatable alfalfa-based pellets let you feed and deworm in a single step
Convenient 1.25 lb bag treats 1,250 lbs body weight in a SINGLE DOSE
Controls large strongyles, small strongyles, pinworms and ascarids.
Is safe for horses, including foals and pregnant mares
Great apple-cinnamon flavor ensures
less waste
Perfect For:
Alfalfa-based pellets as a single-dose alternative
Hard-to-paste horses or hard-to-catch horses
Weanlings and yearlings on feed
Horse owners who are reluctant or prefer not to handle their horse


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