Puralube Artificial Tears Ointment Dogs Cats & Horses 3 Pack 3.5 g Each


Product Description

Artificial Tears Ointment Puralube For dogs, cats & horses.

Ointment forms a protective film over the eye Lubricates and protects the eye from drying A Must for dipping bathing to help protect eyes. Solution is a sterile lubricant ointment which relieves dryness and prevents further irritation Maximum surface contact and comfort If brand name is not available will subtitute for a different label, a different manufacturer but same ingredients. Best protectant when dipping Flea dips, skin allergy bacterial and fungal dips.

Active Ingredients: Petrolatum Mineral oil Ointment forms a protective film over the eye, lubricating and protecting it from drying. Use as a night medication or prior to grooming, dips, shampoos and general anesthesia. Contains white petrolatum lubricant & mineral oils. Save that expensive trip to the VET and practice good behavior and wellness with your pet. Our products are of the highest quality and are guaranteed. Safest with out a prescription, new items added daily.