Natural Dewormer Backyard Chicken Zyfend A Poultry Parasite Remedy -Treats 90Gal

Zyfend A


Product Description

All-natural formula containing selected enzymes and targeted essential oils to aid in improving performance in the presence of intestinal parasites (worms) and to help offset worm-related issues.
Contains liquid extract of yucca Schidigera,
Aspergillus and essential oils of lemon, grapefruit, fennel and Anise.

Beginning at 3 weeks of age administer for 7 days.
Repeat 7 day dosing every 3 weeks.

Shake well and add 6 drops to 1 gallon of water.
Zyfend A is a proprietary, all-natural supplement formulated to help break down the natural defenses of intestinal worms
and their eggs.

This makes them more susceptible to attack by the birds immune system, stomach acids and bacteria in the gut that
can harm intestinal parasites.

Administer 6 drops per gallon of fresh water 1 week out of
every month when worms can infect your birds.

Unlike other synthetic products used in poultry for worms that require you to throw away eggs for 2-3 weeks each month
you treat, Zyfend A allows you to continue eating the eggs.

Currently used successfully in large commercial organic and natural certified layer flocks across the United States.

Zyfend A is a safe, natural way to offset worm related issues and help you meet your goal to produce healthy, wholesome
food for your family.


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