Guardian One Monthly Flea Prevention Gel Capsules For Cats 2-10 Lbs 6ct

Guardian One Flea Gel Capsules

Product Description

Cat owners love Guardian products for a reason!

Nitenpyram and USP grade Lufenuron carefully blended with premium meat in a compact clear gelcap
Guardian One is given once every 30 days and is an excellent monthly pet product
Nitenpyram starts working in 30 minutes & Lufenuron protects for 30 days
No Preservatives and No Artificial Flavors
2 All Natural, Real Smoked Meats
Lufenuron and Nitenpyram have been available in Canada and the USA since 1995, and are currently marketed in over 30 countries worldwide.
A must have product for spring and summer!
An easy to use gelcap makes our products super flexible to give, even for the most resistant cat !
Nitenpyram is the gold standard in pet supply products.
Lufenuron and Nitenpyram are both gentle and time tested.
This product should only be used with cats that are healthy and with no history of seizure or kidney disease.
We never want price to a be a barrier between pet's getting the products that make their lives better.


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