Guardian One Flea Monthly Prevention Gel Capsules For Small Dogs 2-10 Lbs 6ct

Guardian One Capsules

Product Description

Guardian One® 45mg for Small Dogs 2 - 10 Lbs

Guardian ONLY uses all natural, restaurant quality cuts of meat in their products.

Guardian products contain no preservatives and we only use oak or hickory fired smoke to preserve our dried meats.

They can last almost indefinitely refrigerated and 2 years or longer in a room temperature drawer.

The airtight bottle cap and gelcaps locking design reduce air penetration dramatically compared to tablets and soft chews.

•Guardian One with Lufenuron + Nitenpyram should be given once a month.
•This product may be given as often as needed following the initial monthly dose.
•Guardian One with Lufenuron + Nitenpyram should NOT be given to dogs with a history of seizures.
•This product should be given on a full stomach to ensure optimal absorption of Lufenuron.
•The Lufenuron and Nitenpyram in this product is for all healthy dogs and puppies weighing between 2 and 10 pounds and over 8 weeks of age.
•This product can be used with pregnant or nursing dogs.
•The gelcap separates the Lufenuron and Nitenpyram from your dog's taste buds and scent receptors and also helps avoid the bitter reaction common in many pet medications and supplements on the market in tablet or chewable form.
•If you're not sure that your dog or cat consumed the pill or it's contents, you may give another pill.
•The gelcap delivery method gives you a more flexible feeding window. The gelcap will delay the release of the Lufenuron by a few minutes compared to a tablet or chew.
•Our gelcap products benefit from our Flavor Infusion technology. We infuse the outer gelcap wall with the scent of the meat inside. It's a delicate process and requires a proprietary manufacturing method. This does NOT flavor the gelcap, it only adds scent for ultra-discerning pets.
•Guardian's Gelcap products are designed to make it easy to use even with super finicky pets!
•Guardian's gelcap products are designed to make your life and your pet's life much better. Your pets deserve to live in a utopia! We hope you'll never dread spring and summer again!

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