Guardian Gear Lined Nylon CAT Muzzle Small Blue

Guardian Gear Lined Nylon CAT Muzzles 


Product Description

Guardian Gear Fashion Cat Muzzles help stop biting and chewing.

Made of strong nylon fabric

Fully adjustable straps and Velcro fasteners

Available in Blue and Pink

Medium (6-12 Lbs), and Large (Over 12 Lbs) sizes.

Material: Nylon with Velcro fasteners

Directions for Proper Fit:

Place muzzle over the cat’s snout. Make sure it fits comfortably.

Bring straps behind cat’s head and fasten Velcro tabs.

Adjust Velcro® so muzzle fits snugly, but not tightly.

Important: Use only with direct supervision.

Do not leave cat muzzled for long periods of time.

Prolonged use of a muzzle inhibits cat’s natural cooling system, which can result in a life-threatening situation for the animal.

Seller makes no warranty, expressed or implied, when this product is used on cats known to be vicious.


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