Epakitin Powder nutritional supplement Kidney Renal failure Dogs & Cats 300grams

Epakitin nutritional supplement

Product Description


While there is no cure for chronic kidney disease (CKD), studies have shown that it is possible to slow down the auto-destructive cycle of CKD by limiting the amount of phosphorous in the system.

Epakitin™ contains chitosan, a phosphate binder, which limits the absorption of phosphorus from the intestines.

Chitosan also reduces urea, creatinine and calcium absorption, without affecting your pet's food consumption.

As a result, Epakitin safely and effectively decreases the kidney's workload, which supports normal renal function and helps relieve the effects of kidney disease.

The highly palatable powder is also safe to use with other therapies, and easy and convenient to administer to your dogs and cats.

Administration can be lifelong.

Epakitin™ uses chitosan, a phosphate binder, to slow down the auto-destructive cycle of chronic kidney disease

Decreases the kidneys workload to support normal renal function

Relieves the effects of kidney disease and increases life expectancy

Highly palatable powder that is safe to use with other therapies

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