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Price: $38.97
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Laundry Additive Disinfectant Cleaner Fungal Antibacterial with residual 32 oz Bottle

It can be used as a fogger, To clean carpets wipe down furniture etc all of the benefits with out any odor ot harsh quemicals. Health GuardTM Laundry Additive - Disinfectant is the heart and soul of the Health Guard Products.

Our most popular product due to its odorless and non staining properties, its long lasting residual, and the fact that it just works. Studies have proven contamination starts in the laundry room and the area where your animal lives.

This product controls the environment both where the animals and your family live. Preventive maintenance will always provide a healthier environment for all who are concerned.

Health Guard Laundry Additive - Disinfectant is a unique antibacterial product that reduces the risk of cross-contamination with its strong working ingredients and it long lasting residual activity. Health Guard is active against gram-negative and gram-positive bacterial, viruses and fungi.

Can be diluted and used as an economical disinfectant, a spot and odor remover, a carpet shampoo additive, and an antibacterial room fogger. (See container for mixing instructions. Remove pets and food/water dishes before fogging.) Gives residual protection until the next washing.

A must-have when birthing puppies, kittens, or other animals. Active in wet or dry environments. Non-toxic and non-irritating formula. Odorless and colorless, non-staining.

Customer Reviews